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  • SALDANHA \ Bolhão \ Em busca de tradições invictas
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    Bolhão – Searching for “invictas” traditions | 2016.02

    […] the idea is in the ‘place’, rather than the head of each other, to anyone who can see, and therefore can and must appear at first glance; other looks of it and others will overlapping, and that which is born simple and linear is becoming complex and close to the actual – truly simple”

    Siza Vieira / Architect

    The image of the trading session, a genuine hello, a Porto that is in memory. Bolhão market, the reason to re-charge the batteries for photographic machines, put pen and notebook on  a backpack and explore one of the most emblematic places of the city invicta knowed as the city of the 5 senses.

    One late morning quite different, the challenge of registering all that imaginary through the lens of photographic machines led us to carefully go through each of the market areas.

    The feeling that what we saw was always very little for that one place had to show us and tell us, made the gigabytes of photos and graffiti of our pencil quickly became scarce.

    Time to finish, break for lunch and take stock of the experience. The record of those conversations is stored in memory and made us reflect. The essence of architecture is in place!

    Luís Barata / Architect